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Default Re: What happened to all the nice guys?

Okay. Now I have more time for this.

Ok, I've already mentioned how much I hate when people blame others. SO, what happened to all the "nice guys"? You did. No, not the girl. YOU, yourself. It's always easy to blame someone else.
But let's jump off the topic for a second.

Is a nice guy the one that's good to girls, and wants nothing more to make them happy??
Yeah.. that's a part of that being "nice".. but, is he really THAT "NICE" if he does it all, and then gets mad about it later on? Don't you think that's him being a LIAR in the first place?

Now off to another subject: I hate how society bases every (or most) situations on their relationship ship life (girls/boys/he-man/she-man, etc).. as if that's all that life is.
What about all the people who are out their donating their life away in AmeriCore to help others?
What about all the proud blood donaters who don't get ANYthing back, but for some GOOD ASS CRACKERS and pineapple juice, just to help out a life or two?
Why aren't there any stories ever out there about THEM?

So, before we all go into this "my life is a mess" """STORIES""", let's think about how life is really like.
(That was all directed to the girl who asked that question, to the person who put so much thought into it, and me a few years back. But then again, I've been there and I know how bad it emotionally hurts for a while.. so I'm a definite Hypocrite! Because, there are always two sides to the story, and I'm always the one that defends when my friends say "Man, F*** that ni**a, he's always crying about some girl sh*t", and then I come out and say "Oh so you're saying he's not allowed to have feelings?" Yeah, I know.. totally contradicting what I'm saying right now.. but it gets better..)

Well anyway, back to this story we have.
You'd be a fool to think that I've never seen a total sweetheart girl get taken advantage of.
They aren't the ones that deserve that, they aren't the ones that were "bad at first, but now coo and just looking for love. (I'm talking about your "nice guy theory" in the girls shoes.)" They're just all looking for love, in all the wrong places. Just like the boys. Like you. Like me.

So, honestly, and god to damn TRULY!! the only thing I can say about this whole thing and life in general is: BE YOURSELF!

Don't be that guy who's a puppy dog to that one special girl, for the sake that she'll think back one day, and get pissed when it doesn't happen. You're fake! Don't be that sadistic little girl who's putting out just to get a taste of the high-life, and then get pissed when is doesn't happen one day. You're fake!

Why not just live the "good guy" life?.. help a sista out when she needs it.. but also know what's best for you? Because that first paragraph you wrote, JohnnyBlaze, was all about how this guy's doing everything FOR her. Nor for himself.
Na mean?

See, I don't mean to show off in ANYWAY at all, but I'm also a "recovering guy" because I've been hurt before, but how come I don't manage to hurt girls? Well, it's maybe because I THINK. I know from right and wrong. I'm not going to let some girl with mixed emotions ruin my life, just for me to ruin other lives. See, around here, between all(or most) of my friends, they know that I'm a "GOOD" guy. They know I help out. I have a very pretty girlfriend and I love life.
And, best of all, I'm being myself.

There.. I hope I managed to make sense and stay on this one subject. I think a lot faster than I can type, but I forget what I'm thinking even faster. ;]
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