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Default Re: What happened to all the nice guys?

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (asshole @ Jan. 11 2008,14:38)]Whatever happened to "I only think for myself?" "Only I can judge myself" and other quotes like that that I cannot think of right now.

See, to me.. people will ALWAYS look for someone else to blame. No one wants to admit that they're the cowards who let people change them, not even me. So what I say is.. just accept it.. whatever it is you do, or let others do to you. That is the only way you can move on from situations like these (girls, bad managers.. etc).

I really want to write more, but I have 6 mins to get ready for work and hit the road. (I have always hated that metaphor "hit the road".. sounds so stupid, and yet I say it. ;].)
I'm not blaming anyone.
just one of my friends just asked that really retarded question.
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