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CiaraSpareNo1 04-20-2014 02:44 PM

Happy Easter !
Happy Easter everyone, today is a great day. The weather is nice, the birds are singing, everything is okay. I hope you guys remember the true meaning of Easter, I hope you guys hide the eggs well away from your sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews, and remember that you are somebody ! Once again, Happy Easter to you all, I hope it is filled with food, fun, and fellowship. :)

- Sha

SSJKarma 04-20-2014 03:06 PM

yep, happy easter day !
hope you got your water and found many eggs !
for my part i have a lot of em in bag at home.

LuXv 04-20-2014 04:58 PM

Happy Easter!

eviltomas 04-20-2014 07:31 PM

-' Happy Easter to you to , hope you enjoyed.

HotTopic 04-20-2014 10:55 PM


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